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02/28/1976 - 07/30/1989





Deutchess' Pedigree

                                                                               VA JALK v FOHLENBRUNNEN SchHIII  973652
                                                                V ItCH LIDO vd WIENERAU SchHIII  1029749
                                                                               V DIXIE vd WIENERAU SchHI  980594
                                                 NICK v DREIMARKENSTEIN SchHIII
                                                                               ALEX v SCHLOSS KRANICHSTEIN SchHIII
                                                                JANKE v HEXENKOLK SchHI
                                                                               HELGA v HEXENKOLK SchHI
                                  CRUNO vd STURMWOLKE SchHII
                                                                               VA JALK v FOHLENBRUNNEN SchHIII  973652
                                                                BLACK v LAMBERTZECH SchHII
                                                                               ULLA v GLOCKENLAND SchHII
                                                 HALLA vd STURMWOLKE SchHI
                                                                               V FIX zd SIEBEN-FAULEN SchHIII "a"
                                                                ROMY vd STURMWOLKE SchHII
                                                                               OTTI v STECKENBORN SchHI
                   ENNO vd TEUFELSKANZEL
                                                                               VA SGR CONDOR v HOHENSTAMM FH SchHIII (1954)
                                                                V CONDOR v SCHNAPP SchHII
                                                                               GILDE v LILLISRUH SchHI
                                                 VA CONDOR v ZOLLGRENZSCHUTZ-HAUS AD FH SchHIII
                                                                               SGR VOLKER v ZOLLGRENZSCHUTZ-HAUS CACIB SchHIII ROM  935474
                                                                V CARMEN v SIXTBERG AD SchHII
                                                                               V CARET v ELFENHAIN SchHI ROM  922493
                                  CILLY v SCHLOSS BARTENAU SchHI
                                                                               V VELLO zd SIEBEN-FAULEN FH SchHIII (1956)
                                                                VA JALK v FOHLENBRUNNEN SchHIII  973652
                                                                               GUNDA v FOHLENBRUNNEN SchHII
                                                 CATJA v HAUS GAUFER SchHIII
                                                                               VEIT v BUSECKER SCHLOSS SchHIII
                                                                BELLA vd GAISBACH-HOHE SchHII
                                                                               BELLA v SCHUSTERSRAPPEN SchHII
     KNOTROM'S ENKALINNE  WD529362 GS8050 (2/10/76-7/30/89)
                                                                               ECH LUDWIG OF CHARAVIGNE
                                                                HENDRAWEN'S VONDAUN QUEBEC
                                                                               VONDAUN ICE QUEEN OF EVELEY
                                                 HENDRAWEN'S QUADRILLE OF EVELEY
                                                                               ECH SPARKY OF ARONBEL (1955-1965)
                                                                VANITY OF EVELEY
                                                                               HERNANDOS DUENNA OF EVELEY
                                  HENDRAWEN'S CHARADE OF CHARAVIGNE
                                                                               CAN GV AM/CAN CH CENT zd FUNF GIEBELN SchHII (1956-1967)  WA112775
                                                                ECH LUDWIG OF CHARAVIGNE
                                                                               HELLA OF CHARAVIGNE  3378 (1954)  
                                                 BASSETT TWILIGHT OF CHARAVIGNE
                                                                               EICH ASOKA CHERUSKER
                                                                CRESTA OF CHARAVIGNE
                                                                               HILDESHEIM ANNA OF WRENHALL
                   CH KNOTROM'S EMILE
                                                                               ECH CRUSADER OF EVESYDE (1956-1965)
                                                                EICH ASOKA CHERUSKER
                                                                               VIKKAS ALDA av HVITSAND
                                                 LANCER OF BRINTON
                                                                               ECH HORTONDALE POINTSMAN
                                                                EVELEY'S VANITY OF BRINTON
                                                                               EVELEY'S HAPPY OF CHARAVIGNE
                                  BYSTORM OF KNOTROM
                                                                               DAVID OF ARONBEL
                                                                PATRALIZA'S GRANDEE
                                                                               KIRKSTALL KAREN
                                                 LEONA OF KNOTROM
                                                                               SIMON OF CLOVERHILL
                                                                TOSCA OF NORTHMOELS
                                                                               COUNTESS OF BRENKABURG
Line Breeding:
VA JALK v FOHLENBRUNNEN SchHIII  973652   (5,5,4 - 0) ,     12.5%
ECH LUDWIG OF CHARAVIGNE   (0 - 5,4) ,     9.375%
EICH ASOKA CHERUSKER   (0 - 5,4) ,     9.375%

Link to Parents:   (Click on "SIRE:" or "DAM:")

SIRE:  Enno von der Teufelskanzel

DAM:  Ch Knotrom's Emile

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