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  December 07, 2003

4 Points








                                                       GV CH LANGENAU'S WATSON ROM  WC730276 GS6437
                                              CH VON PURDUM'S HIDALGO ROM  WD575800 GS8671
                                                         HOWL A HAUS CHRISTIE LOVE
                                   SEL CH LOTHARIO OF HEINERBURG CD AOE ROM  WF218383 GS18915G57M-T H&E (4/23/1982-)
                                                         SEL CH KUBISTRAUM'S KANE ROM  WD056587 GS7862 (10/17/1977-)
                                              HEINERBURG'S KRUMPET
                                                         CAN SEL CH HEINERBURG'S JAZMINE v CARALON  GS
                        BLACK OAK'S DENIRO JUDEEN  DA016870 GS37481E44M (07/12/1990-)
                                                         NOCTURNE'S HUSSAN OF AZUMA  WC984061 GS6642
                                              AM/CAN CH PARKERHAUS ARBY  WE496116 GS10469
                                                         PARKERHAUS UTOPIA CD
                                   BLACK OAK'S DEMONFIRE SATANA TC CD CGC  D185856 GS20152G46F (11/03/1983-)
                                                         SEL CH BEL-VISTA'S JOEY BABY ROM  WD023379 GS6285 (5/17/74-3/2/84)
                                              WITTHAUS FIRST LADY TC
                                                         VON PURDUM'S SONG OF SYBIL
             BLACK OAK'S WISEGUY v HADORI  DL69897401 GS57521G29M-T GSEL10625M29-T (07/07/1997-)
                                                         TOMSU'S CENTAVO
                                              HADORI'S REGAL RUNNER
                                                         SEA LAIR'S TRADICION
                                   RIADA'S WEEKEND WARRIOR
                                                         VONSHORE'S FRISCO  D459542 GS21355G24M (03/17/1986-)
                                              CARALON'S SPECIAL CHELSEA
                                                         CARALON'S ZENNA  GS
                        HADORI'S CHATTAHOOCHEE  DL52857101
                                                         AM/CAN SEL CH STUTTGART'S SUNDANCE KID ROM ROMC  WE676475 GS11841G H&E (2/22/80-6/21/91)
                                              RIO VALLE'S DISCOVERY  D313728 GS19966G29M (03/03/1985-)
                                                         DOLMAR'S MEGAN OF SPRING ROCK  WD559288 GS8984
                                   HADORI'S EXACTA
                                                         TOMSU'S CENTAVO
                                              HADORI'S LATOYA JACKSON
                                                         HADORI'S FAME
     CIMARRON'S TAKE IT ON THE RUN  DN057379/02 (12/07/2003)
                                                         GV CH RIO VALLE'S NESTLE'S CRUNCH CD AOE ROM ROMC  WE988431 GS13776T H&E (8/28/81-)
                                              US GV CAN SEL AM/CAN CH WOODSIDE NESTLE'S QUIK V MERWESTYN HT CGC ROM ROMC AOE  D408700 GS18694G24M (11/27/84-)
                                                         CH WOODSIDE'S CHELSEY WINDIGAIL ROMC  1001424 GS18662F36F-T (11-5-83)
                                   TORO OF JEANDEN  D812662 GS29839F37M (9-17-88)
                                                         AM/CAN SEL CH HOHENEICHEN'S MAGNUM ROM  D010947
                                              JEANDEN'S BREIGE OF LANGENAU
                                                         GV CH BIF JEANDEN'S L'ERIN OF LANGENAU
                        GV CH STONEWAY'S UECKER ROM  DL487032/04 GS45985F35M GSEL4703 (6/29/1993-7/5/2003)
                                                         SEL CH LANGENAU'S BEAU OF JEANDEN ROM ROMC  D246519 GS17831G (2-1-84)
                                              CH DUCHIEN'S SUNNYDAE SALUTE  D483242 GS23134G34M (4-23-86)
                                                         DUCHIEN'S SUNNYDAE SPARKLE
                                   DUCHIEN'S GHIA OF LANGENAU  DL339752/01 GS36523G42F (6-9-90)
                                                         LANGENAU'S SENTRY OF RO-JAN  D539651 GS24258F33M (10-26-86)
                                              LANGENAU'S IDYLL OF JAHN-D.
                                                         LANGENAU'S RAIMEE ABRAXAS
             CIMARRON'S STEVIE NICKS  DL719606/07 GS67998G68F-PI GSEL15779F68-PI (12-6-97)
                                                         AM/CAN SEL CH STUTTGART'S SUNDANCE KID ROM ROMC  WE676475 GS11841G H&E (2/22/80-6/21/91)
                                              NIKE CLAYFIELD ALL AMERICAN  D463375 GS21096G27M (12/14/85- )
                                                         SEL CH CLAYFIELD ALWAYS A LADY ROM  WF241732 GS15927 (3/3/82-)
                                   COVY-TUCKER HILL'S SABER  D739805 GS25927G24M-T (4/13/88 - 10/20/96)
                                                         CH COVY-TUCKER HILL'S GHOSTBUSTER ROM  D299030 GS18689 (9/2/84-7/22/95)
                                              COVY-TUCKER HILL'S DESSA ROSE  D699946 GS21968E24F (7-25-86)
                                                         CH COVY-TUCKER HILL'S JORDACHE  D161204 GS17064 (7-11-83)
                        AM/CAN CH CIMARRON'S RHIANNON CD  DL524413/01 GS45252G24F-T GSEL5658-T (4/20/94)
                                                         LeBARLAND'S NATHAN  WD395091 GS7442
                                              BARON BACARDI 'N' KOKE  WE682853 GS14230-T H&E (5/18/80-1/29/92)
                                                         KNOTROM'S ENKALINNE  WD529362 GS8050 (2/10/76-7/30/89)
                                   VON STEFAN HAUS EDELWEISS ROM  D533990 GS19677G24F-T H&E (5/3/85-9/27/99)
                                                         OAKBRIAR'S CAVALIER WE713375
                                              ELKE OF LeBARLAND D177199 (8/8/83-12/27/94)
                                                         LeBARLAND'S SEPTEMBER WE210070

Line Breeding:
TOMSU'S CENTAVO   (5,5 - 0) ,     6.25%
AM/CAN SEL CH STUTTGART'S SUNDANCE KID ROM ROMC  WE676475 GS11841G H&E (2/22/80-6/21/91)   (5 - 5) ,     6.25%

Link to Parents:   (Click on "SIRE:" or "DAM:")

SIRE:  Black Oak's Wiseguy Hadori OFA

DAM:  Cimarron's Stevie Nicks OFA

Link to Originating Cimarron Litter of this dog.  "T"

Link(s) to Cimarron Litter(s) produced by this dog.  N/A

12/07/2008 Cimarronís Take It On the Run wins his BredBy class and goes on for Winnerís Dog and Best of Winners under judge Vincent Grosso at the NW Arkansas KC.                                                                                                                                                                                                       WD

12/06/2008 Cimarronís Take It On the Run wins his BredBy class and goes on for Winnerís Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Breed under judge Shelley Hennessey at the NW Arkansas KC.                                                                                                                                                                          WD#4

05/02/2008 Today at the Spirit of the Heartland Kennel Club, Cimarron's Take It On The Run won his AmBred dog class and went on for Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and Best of Breed under judge Marieann Gladstone. Julie Foster and Fran Foster teamed up to show Winger in the GSD breed classes and for Herding Group. This was Winger's 3rd point.                                                                                                                                               WD#3

03/21/2007 Cimarron's Take It On The Run wins his AmBred class and goes on for Winners Dog under judge Alice Inman.  Julie Foster handled "Winger" for his first two points.                                                                                                                                                                                               WD#1,2

03/19/2007 Cimarron's Take It On The Run wins his AmBred class and goes on for Reserve Winners Dog under judge Robert Caswell at the Salisbury North Carolina KC in Raleigh NC.  Julie Foster handled "Winger" for this reserve.                                                                                                   RWD#2

03/18/2007 Cimarron's Take It On The Run wins his AmBred class and goes on for Reserve Winners Dog under judge Keke Kahn at the Danville KC in Raleigh NC. Julie Foster handled "Winger" for this reserve.  Winger is out of Blackoak's Wiseguy v Hadori OFA and my Rhiannon/Uecker daughter, Cimarron's Stevie Nicks OFA.                                                                                                                                                                                     RWD#1




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