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 September's Pedigree

                                                                                       VA AXEL vd DEININGHAUSERHEIDE DFH FH SchHIII  624836
                                                                      WATZER v BAD MELLE SchHIII
                                                                                       IMMA v BAD MELLE SchHII
                                                     CH BERND v KALLENGARTEN SchHII ROM  (10/23/57-8/1/68)
                                                                                       KUNO v JUNGFERNSPRUNG FH SchHIII
                                                                      V CARIN vd RASSWEILERMUHLE FH SchHIII
                                                                                       CORA vd SILBERWEIDE FH SchHIII
                                    CH SANTANA'S MAN O'WAR ROM
                                                                                       V CAN GV AM/CAN CH HARRY v DONAUKAI SchHIII ROM  896431
                                                                      SANTANA'S INFERNO
                                                                                       CH VON SCHRIEF'S PORTRAIT ROM
                                                     SANTANA'S DARRA
                                                                                       CH ARNO OF BERVIC
                                                                      CH VON SCHRIEF'S PORTRAIT ROM
                                                                                       BELGARD'S ROGUETTA ROM
                   CH WARRIOR OF ELLYN HILL
                                                                                       HSGR GV ITCH TROLL v RICHTERBACH FH SchHIII ROM  (5/31/53)
                                                                      CH FORTUNE OF ARBYWOOD ROM  W862973
                                                                                       FRIGGA OF SILVER LANE ROM
                                                     CH DIPADON'S DASHER ROM  GS691
                                                                      HANAROB'S ANDA
                                    CH MARDA OF ELLYN HILL
                                                                      CH KELLI OF ELLYN HILL
                                                     MISTY STAR OF ELLYN HILL
                                                                      ZATRA v MORLANDE
                                                                                       VA AXEL vd DEININGHAUSERHEIDE FH DFH SchHIII 624836
                                                                      HSGR GV ITCH TROLL v RICHTERBACH FH SchHIII ROM  (5/31/53)
                                                                                       LENDE v RICHTERBACH SchHIII
                                                     CH FORTUNE OF ARBYWOOD ROM  W862973
                                                                                       CH CITO vd HERMANNSCHLEUSE
                                                                      FRIGGA OF SILVER LANE ROM
                                                                                       CH JEWEL OF JUDEX
                                    AM/CAN GV CH LANCE OF FRAN-JO ROM  WA466021 GS401
                                                                                       GV CH BILL v KLEISTWEG SchHI ROM
                                                                      AM/CAN CH RIKTER v LIEBESTRAUM
                                                                                       SIGGA v LIEBESTRAUM
                                                     FROHLICH'S ELSA v GRUNESTAHL ROM  W960831
                                                                                       HAROLD v SCHLENENBUSCHE
                                                                      BURGUNDA v LINDENDORF
                                                                                       CH YLERTA v LIEBESTRAUM
                   TANBARK'S ECHO LARK
                                                                                       CAESAR vd MALLMANNSHEIDE FH SchHIII ROM
                                                                      VA BAR vd WEISSEN PFORTE
                                                                                       BRISA v BLONDEN KATCHEN
                                                     GV CH BRIX vd GRAFENKRONE SchHIII CD  WA607001
                                                                                       CH LIDO  v JOHANNESHAUCH ROM
                                                                      TATJANA ad WEINENGEND SchHI
                                                                                       LIPI ad WEINENGEND
                                    KRISTIE OF WALDESRUH  WA750828
                                                                                       CH LAKE TRAIL'S TERRYWOOD CITO
                                                                      CH BIFF OF KENROSE
                                                                                       CH GINGER GIRL OF LONGWORTH
                                                     DEL-DENA OF WALDESRUH ROM  WA221762
                                                                                       CH HAAS v SIEGFRIED
                                                                      AM/CAN CH CASSY OF WALDESRUH CD ROM
                                                                                       QUEEN v FORST HAUS

Line Breeding:
CH FORTUNE OF ARBYWOOD ROM  W862973   (4 - 3) ,     18.75%
CH VON SCHRIEF'S PORTRAIT ROM   (5,4 - 0) ,     9.375%

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