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 Honey's Pedigree

                                                         2x SEL CH NIKE CLAYFIELD ANDRETTI ROM   D484251 GS24352G43M-T (12/14/85- )
                                              YORKDOM'S PHARAOH OF BETHESDA
                                                         CH BETHESDA'S TIRZAH OF SI-DON
                                   CH ROHAN'S GLASS PALACE TC ROM  DL479887/01 GS42350G26M GSEL4486 (05/01/1993-02/22/2003)
                                                         CH ROHAN'S REACTION ROM  WF277699 GS16844-T H&E (7/16/82-1/22/96)
                                              ROHAN'S LET'S CELEBRATE  D793807 GS29432G35F GSEL962 (9/18/88- )
                                                         CH BRENTARYL'S FLAIR  D235133 GS18628 (1/5/84- )
                        LOCKLEEN'S SILVER LEGACY  DL694433/0 (6/6/97- )
                                                         CH LOCKLEEN'S HIGH SIERRA CD
                                              CH LOCKLEEN'S TENNESSEE WALTZ  D365695 GS19974G27M (4/26/85-)
                                                         CH BRIMHALL'S TRACY SchHI  (6/22/78-)
                                   LOCKLEEN'S KAYLEEN  DL550275/02
                                                         CH CARALON'S JEDI OF BROOKWOOD
                                              D K's VALENTINE OF BROOKWOOD
                                                         ROCKING DK'S ZINFANDEL
             CH LOCKLEEN'S TREASUREBAY WYAKIN HIC  DL759661/03 GS60415F27M-PI GSEL11933-PI (8/31/98-)
                                                         CH LYNLEE'S HAYDEL OF SHARISAN WE029773 GS9835
                                              STARDUSTS DUSTY ROADS
                                                         STARDUSTS BELLE ROSE
                                   CH LAIROLYN'S FANTASY ISLAND CD   D484613 GS21059G25M (2/2/86-)
                                                         3xSel Ch Wellspring's Ironside ROM
                                              PAWNEE COVE DUSTY
                                                         PAWNEE COVE BECKETT
                        CH KAIMACHA BAHAMA V MCCOY  D928661 GS30264G24F (12/9/89-)
                                                         CH GORLIN'S HEZEKIAH OF KY-RHETT
                                              CH MCCOY'S CASEY
                                                         KY-RHETT'S RAENNE OF GORLIN
                                   MCCOY'S TRIVIA
                                                         Pinebeach's Doctor Doolittle
                                              CH COUNTEE'S SINFUL SENSATION
                                                         Ch Covy-Tucker Hill's Charmalita ROM
     CIMARRON'S SHENANDOAH  DL873524/03 (4-20-2001)
                                                         PROVEN HILL'S JUSTIN  D182088 GS18760G37M (12/9/83-)
                                              CH LEITER'S EXCALIBUR ROM  D551340 GS22907G24M (1/25/87-)
                                                         WEICHO'S CASINO  D299179 GS17639 (2/9/84- )
                                   LEITER'S FIRECRACKER ROM  D809074 GS28848G28M GSEL829 (2-8-89)
                                                         CH ROHAN'S REACTION ROM  WF277699 GS16844-T H&E (7/16/82-1/22/96)
                                              WEICHO'S TOKYO v LEITER  D531251 GS22014G26F (6/17/86- )
                                                         WEIDOR'S ISOTTA  ROM  WE683732 GS12029 (06/16/80-)
                        SEL CH FV AZTEC'S KODAK ROM  DL562874/01 GS49923F31M-T EL7392-T (12-19-94)
                                                         CH COVY-TUCKER HILL'S RIGHT STUFF II  D290217 GS18705G26M (9/2/84-)
                                              AM/CAN CH WOODSIDE ARIZONA v CARMIL TT  D709810 GS25368G25M GSEL492 (12/21/87-)
                                                         REFLECTION OF CARMIL
                                   AZTEC'S PRICELESS JEWEL  DL410081/02 GS43604G47F-T GSEL5116-T (11-20-91)
                                                         SEL CH COVY-TUCKER HILL'S ROMANTICO HT AOE  D317747 GS19234
                                              CH HIDDENACRES BE UNIQUE v DANAE  D758217 GS25263F24F-T (1/12/88-)
                                                         SEL AM/CAN CH HIDDENACRES LIBERTY BELLE  QW404897 GS19424G39F-T (11/19/83-)
             CIMARRON'S MARGARITA  DL717189/05 GS60508G37F-PI GSEL11985-PI  (12/5/97)
                                                         AM/CAN SEL CH STUTTGART'S SUNDANCE KID ROM ROMC  WE676475 GS11841G H&E (2/22/80-6/21/91)
                                              NIKE CLAYFIELD ALL AMERICAN  D463375 GS21096G27M (12/14/85- )
                                                         SEL CH CLAYFIELD ALWAYS A LADY ROM  WF241732 GS15927 (3/3/82-)
                                   COVY-TUCKER HILL'S SABER  D739805 GS25927G24M-T (4/13/88 - 10/20/96)
                                                         CH COVY-TUCKER HILL'S GHOSTBUSTER ROM  D299030 GS18689 (9/2/84-7/22/95)
                                              COVY-TUCKER HILL'S DESSA ROSE  D699946 GS21968E24F (7-25-86)
                                                         CH COVY-TUCKER HILL'S JORDACHE  D161204 GS17064 (7-11-83)
                        KINGDOM'S TORNADO ROM  D988200 GS30969E24F-T GSEL1314-T  (3/13/1990-12/25/2002)
                                                         LeBARLAND'S NATHAN  WD395091 GS7442
                                              BARON BACARDI 'N' KOKE  WE682853 GS14230-T H&E (5/18/80-1/29/92)
                                                         KNOTROM'S ENKALINNE  WD529362 GS8050 (2/10/76-7/30/89)
                                   VON STEFAN HAUS EDELWEISS ROM  D533990 GS19677G24F-T H&E (5/3/85-9/27/99)
                                                         OAKBRIAR'S CAVALIER WE713375
                                              ELKE OF LeBARLAND D177199 (8/8/83-12/27/94)
                                                         LeBARLAND'S SEPTEMBER WE210070

Line Breeding:
CH ROHAN'S REACTION ROM  WF277699 GS16844-T H&E (7/16/82-1/22/96)   (5 - 5) ,     6.25%

Link to Parents:   (Click on "SIRE:" or "DAM:")

SIRE:  Ch Lockleen's Treasurebay Wyakin HIC OFA 

DAM:  Cimarron's Margarita OFA  

Link to Originating Cimarron Litter of this dog.  "S"  

Link(s) to Cimarron Litter(s) produced by this dog.   N/A  


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