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4 Points

04/20/2001 - 02/26/2008






 Sweetie's Pedigree

                                                         2x SEL CH NIKE CLAYFIELD ANDRETTI ROM   D484251 GS24352G43M-T (12/14/85- )
                                              YORKDOM'S PHARAOH OF BETHESDA
                                                         CH BETHESDA'S TIRZAH OF SI-DON
                                   CH ROHAN'S GLASS PALACE TC ROM  DL479887/01 GS42350G26M GSEL4486 (05/01/1993-02/22/2003)
                                                         CH ROHAN'S REACTION ROM  WF277699 GS16844-T H&E (7/16/82-1/22/96)
                                              ROHAN'S LET'S CELEBRATE  D793807 GS29432G35F GSEL962 (9/18/88- )
                                                         CH BRENTARYL'S FLAIR  D235133 GS18628 (1/5/84- )
                        LOCKLEEN'S SILVER LEGACY  DL694433/0 (6/6/97- )
                                                         CH LOCKLEEN'S HIGH SIERRA CD
                                              CH LOCKLEEN'S TENNESSEE WALTZ  D365695 GS19974G27M (4/26/85-)
                                                         CH BRIMHALL'S TRACY SchHI  (6/22/78-)
                                   LOCKLEEN'S KAYLEEN  DL550275/02
                                                         CH CARALON'S JEDI OF BROOKWOOD
                                              D K's VALENTINE OF BROOKWOOD
                                                         ROCKING DK'S ZINFANDEL
             CH LOCKLEEN'S TREASUREBAY WYAKIN HIC  DL759661/03 GS60415F27M-PI GSEL11933-PI (8/31/98-)
                                                         CH LYNLEE'S HAYDEL OF SHARISAN WE029773 GS9835
                                              STARDUSTS DUSTY ROADS
                                                         STARDUSTS BELLE ROSE
                                   CH LAIROLYN'S FANTASY ISLAND CD   D484613 GS21059G25M (2/2/86-)
                                                         3xSel Ch Wellspring's Ironside ROM
                                              PAWNEE COVE DUSTY
                                                         PAWNEE COVE BECKETT
                        CH KAIMACHA BAHAMA V MCCOY  D928661 GS30264G24F (12/9/89-)
                                                         CH GORLIN'S HEZEKIAH OF KY-RHETT
                                              CH MCCOY'S CASEY
                                                         KY-RHETT'S RAENNE OF GORLIN
                                   MCCOY'S TRIVIA
                                                         Pinebeach's Doctor Doolittle
                                              CH COUNTEE'S SINFUL SENSATION
                                                         Ch Covy-Tucker Hill's Charmalita ROM
     CIMARRON'S STARRIDER  DL873524/03 (4-20-2001)
                                                         PROVEN HILL'S JUSTIN  D182088 GS18760G37M (12/9/83-)
                                              CH LEITER'S EXCALIBUR ROM  D551340 GS22907G24M (1/25/87-)
                                                         WEICHO'S CASINO  D299179 GS17639 (2/9/84- )
                                   LEITER'S FIRECRACKER ROM  D809074 GS28848G28M GSEL829 (2-8-89)
                                                         CH ROHAN'S REACTION ROM  WF277699 GS16844-T H&E (7/16/82-1/22/96)
                                              WEICHO'S TOKYO v LEITER  D531251 GS22014G26F (6/17/86- )
                                                         WEIDOR'S ISOTTA  ROM  WE683732 GS12029 (06/16/80-)
                        SEL CH FV AZTEC'S KODAK ROM  DL562874/01 GS49923F31M-T EL7392-T (12-19-94)
                                                         CH COVY-TUCKER HILL'S RIGHT STUFF II  D290217 GS18705G26M (9/2/84-)
                                              AM/CAN CH WOODSIDE ARIZONA v CARMIL TT  D709810 GS25368G25M GSEL492 (12/21/87-)
                                                         REFLECTION OF CARMIL
                                   AZTEC'S PRICELESS JEWEL  DL410081/02 GS43604G47F-T GSEL5116-T (11-20-91)
                                                         SEL CH COVY-TUCKER HILL'S ROMANTICO HT AOE  D317747 GS19234
                                              CH HIDDENACRES BE UNIQUE v DANAE  D758217 GS25263F24F-T (1/12/88-)
                                                         SEL AM/CAN CH HIDDENACRES LIBERTY BELLE  QW404897 GS19424G39F-T (11/19/83-)
             CIMARRON'S MARGARITA  DL717189/05 GS60508G37F-PI GSEL11985-PI  (12/5/97)
                                                         AM/CAN SEL CH STUTTGART'S SUNDANCE KID ROM ROMC  WE676475 GS11841G H&E (2/22/80-6/21/91)
                                              NIKE CLAYFIELD ALL AMERICAN  D463375 GS21096G27M (12/14/85- )
                                                         SEL CH CLAYFIELD ALWAYS A LADY ROM  WF241732 GS15927 (3/3/82-)
                                   COVY-TUCKER HILL'S SABER  D739805 GS25927G24M-T (4/13/88 - 10/20/96)
                                                         CH COVY-TUCKER HILL'S GHOSTBUSTER ROM  D299030 GS18689 (9/2/84-7/22/95)
                                              COVY-TUCKER HILL'S DESSA ROSE  D699946 GS21968E24F (7-25-86)
                                                         CH COVY-TUCKER HILL'S JORDACHE  D161204 GS17064 (7-11-83)
                        KINGDOM'S TORNADO ROM  D988200 GS30969E24F-T GSEL1314-T  (3/13/1990-12/25/2002)
                                                         LeBARLAND'S NATHAN  WD395091 GS7442
                                              BARON BACARDI 'N' KOKE  WE682853 GS14230-T H&E (5/18/80-1/29/92)
                                                         KNOTROM'S ENKALINNE  WD529362 GS8050 (2/10/76-7/30/89)
                                   VON STEFAN HAUS EDELWEISS ROM  D533990 GS19677G24F-T H&E (5/3/85-9/27/99)
                                                         OAKBRIAR'S CAVALIER WE713375
                                              ELKE OF LeBARLAND D177199 (8/8/83-12/27/94)
                                                         LeBARLAND'S SEPTEMBER WE210070

Line Breeding:
CH ROHAN'S REACTION ROM  WF277699 GS16844-T H&E (7/16/82-1/22/96)   (5 - 5) ,     6.25%

Link to Parents:   (Click on "SIRE:" or "DAM:")

SIRE:  Ch Lockleen's Treasurebay Wyakin HIC OFA 

DAM:  Cimarron's Margarita OFA  

Link to Originating Cimarron Litter of this dog.  "S"  

Link(s) to Cimarron Litter(s) produced by this dog.   N/A 



Dates Appearing as a Different Color are LINKS to Pictures.

02/26/2008 Cimarron's Starrider passes over the Rainbow Bridge.                                   

10/16/2005 Cimarron's Starrider takes second in her AmBred bitch class and goes on for Reserve Winners Bitch under judge Peggy Conger at the Sooner State KC. Jack Reed handled her for this reserve.

10/09/2005  Cimarron's Starrider took her AmBred bitch class and went on for winner's bitch and two points under judge Ralph Ambrosio at the Fort Smith KC. Jack Reed handled her for her 3rd and 4th points.

08/21/2005  Cimarron's Starrider takes first from the AmBred class and goes on for Winner's Bitch under judge George Heitzman at the Greeley KC.  Jack Reed handled Sweetie for her first two points as the major unfortunately broke.  

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