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  December 07, 2003

Major Reserve Winner


Tora takes a Major Reserve under judge Alice Inman. Handler: Julie Foster




Tora at six months of age



Tora's Pedigree

                                                       GV CH LANGENAU'S WATSON ROM  WC730276 GS6437
                                              CH VON PURDUM'S HIDALGO ROM  WD575800 GS8671
                                                         HOWL A HAUS CHRISTIE LOVE
                                   SEL CH LOTHARIO OF HEINERBURG CD AOE ROM  WF218383 GS18915G57M-T H&E (4/23/1982-)
                                                         SEL CH KUBISTRAUM'S KANE ROM  WD056587 GS7862 (10/17/1977-)
                                              HEINERBURG'S KRUMPET
                                                         CAN SEL CH HEINERBURG'S JAZMINE v CARALON  GS
                        BLACK OAK'S DENIRO JUDEEN  DA016870 GS37481E44M (07/12/1990-)
                                                         NOCTURNE'S HUSSAN OF AZUMA  WC984061 GS6642
                                              AM/CAN CH PARKERHAUS ARBY  WE496116 GS10469
                                                         PARKERHAUS UTOPIA CD
                                   BLACK OAK'S DEMONFIRE SATANA TC CD CGC  D185856 GS20152G46F (11/03/1983-)
                                                         SEL CH BEL-VISTA'S JOEY BABY ROM  WD023379 GS6285 (5/17/74-3/2/84)
                                              WITTHAUS FIRST LADY TC
                                                         VON PURDUM'S SONG OF SYBIL
             BLACK OAK'S WISEGUY v HADORI  DL69897401 GS57521G29M-T GSEL10625M29-T (07/07/1997-)
                                                         TOMSU'S CENTAVO
                                              HADORI'S REGAL RUNNER
                                                         SEA LAIR'S TRADICION
                                   RIADA'S WEEKEND WARRIOR
                                                         VONSHORE'S FRISCO  D459542 GS21355G24M (03/17/1986-)
                                              CARALON'S SPECIAL CHELSEA
                                                         CARALON'S ZENNA  GS
                        HADORI'S CHATTAHOOCHEE  DL52857101
                                                         AM/CAN SEL CH STUTTGART'S SUNDANCE KID ROM ROMC  WE676475 GS11841G H&E (2/22/80-6/21/91)
                                              RIO VALLE'S DISCOVERY  D313728 GS19966G29M (03/03/1985-)
                                                         DOLMAR'S MEGAN OF SPRING ROCK  WD559288 GS8984
                                   HADORI'S EXACTA
                                                         TOMSU'S CENTAVO
                                              HADORI'S LATOYA JACKSON
                                                         HADORI'S FAME
     CIMARRON'S TORA-TORA-TORA TC  DN057379/08 (12/07/2003)
                                                         GV CH RIO VALLE'S NESTLE'S CRUNCH CD AOE ROM ROMC  WE988431 GS13776T H&E (8/28/81-)
                                              US GV CAN SEL AM/CAN CH WOODSIDE NESTLE'S QUIK V MERWESTYN HT CGC ROM ROMC AOE  D408700 GS18694G24M (11/27/84-)
                                                         CH WOODSIDE'S CHELSEY WINDIGAIL ROMC  1001424 GS18662F36F-T (11-5-83)
                                   TORO OF JEANDEN  D812662 GS29839F37M (9-17-88)
                                                         AM/CAN SEL CH HOHENEICHEN'S MAGNUM ROM  D010947
                                              JEANDEN'S BREIGE OF LANGENAU
                                                         GV CH BIF JEANDEN'S L'ERIN OF LANGENAU
                        GV CH STONEWAY'S UECKER ROM  DL487032/04 GS45985F35M GSEL4703 (6/29/1993-7/5/2003)
                                                         SEL CH LANGENAU'S BEAU OF JEANDEN ROM ROMC  D246519 GS17831G (2-1-84)
                                              CH DUCHIEN'S SUNNYDAE SALUTE  D483242 GS23134G34M (4-23-86)
                                                         DUCHIEN'S SUNNYDAE SPARKLE
                                   DUCHIEN'S GHIA OF LANGENAU  DL339752/01 GS36523G42F (6-9-90)
                                                         LANGENAU'S SENTRY OF RO-JAN  D539651 GS24258F33M (10-26-86)
                                              LANGENAU'S IDYLL OF JAHN-D.
                                                         LANGENAU'S RAIMEE ABRAXAS
             CIMARRON'S STEVIE NICKS  DL719606/07 GS67998G68F-PI GSEL15779F68-PI (12-6-97)
                                                         AM/CAN SEL CH STUTTGART'S SUNDANCE KID ROM ROMC  WE676475 GS11841G H&E (2/22/80-6/21/91)
                                              NIKE CLAYFIELD ALL AMERICAN  D463375 GS21096G27M (12/14/85- )
                                                         SEL CH CLAYFIELD ALWAYS A LADY ROM  WF241732 GS15927 (3/3/82-)
                                   COVY-TUCKER HILL'S SABER  D739805 GS25927G24M-T (4/13/88 - 10/20/96)
                                                         CH COVY-TUCKER HILL'S GHOSTBUSTER ROM  D299030 GS18689 (9/2/84-7/22/95)
                                              COVY-TUCKER HILL'S DESSA ROSE  D699946 GS21968E24F (7-25-86)
                                                         CH COVY-TUCKER HILL'S JORDACHE  D161204 GS17064 (7-11-83)
                        AM/CAN CH CIMARRON'S RHIANNON CD  DL524413/01 GS45252G24F-T GSEL5658-T (4/20/94)
                                                         LeBARLAND'S NATHAN  WD395091 GS7442
                                              BARON BACARDI 'N' KOKE  WE682853 GS14230-T H&E (5/18/80-1/29/92)
                                                         KNOTROM'S ENKALINNE  WD529362 GS8050 (2/10/76-7/30/89)
                                   VON STEFAN HAUS EDELWEISS ROM  D533990 GS19677G24F-T H&E (5/3/85-9/27/99)
                                                         OAKBRIAR'S CAVALIER WE713375
                                              ELKE OF LeBARLAND D177199 (8/8/83-12/27/94)
                                                         LeBARLAND'S SEPTEMBER WE210070

Line Breeding:
TOMSU'S CENTAVO   (5,5 - 0) ,     6.25%
AM/CAN SEL CH STUTTGART'S SUNDANCE KID ROM ROMC  WE676475 GS11841G H&E (2/22/80-6/21/91)   (5 - 5) ,     6.25%

Link to Parents:   (Click on "SIRE:" or "DAM:")

SIRE:  Black Oak's Wiseguy Hadori OFA

DAM:  Cimarron's Stevie Nicks OFA

Link to Originating Cimarron Litter of this dog.  "T"

Link(s) to Cimarron Litter(s) produced by this dog.  "V"


Dates Appearing as a Different Color are LINKS to Pictures.

05/09/2009, I had 6 dogs pass their temperament test at the German Shepherd Dog Club of St Louis. Jim York was the evaluator.
Adding the parent club designator of "TC" to their names are:
Ch Cimarron's Learning to Fly TC OFA
Ch Cimarron's Here Comes My Girl TC OFA
Cimarron's Runnin' Down a Dream TC OFA
Cimarron's Double Vision TC OFA
Cimarron's You Got Lucky TC OFA
Cimarron's Tora-Tora-Tora TC

These 6 have all won at least a major reserve, so the TC helps out their sire/dam's ROM point totals.


05/10/2008 Cimarron's Tora-Tora-Tora wins the the novice dog class and goes on for a Major Reserve under judge Alice Inman at the Scott County KC.
Julie Foster showed Tora for this major reserve. Tora's sire is Marcia Hadley's "Joey" - Blackoak's Wiseguy v Hadori OFA and Tora's dam is my other Rhiannon / Uecker daughter, Cimarron's Stevie Nicks OFA.


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