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Cimarron's Juke Box Hero DL831112/01

Ch Cimarron's Cold As Ice  OFA DL831112/02

Cimarron's Sadie Hawkins DL831112/03

Cimarron's Double Vision RN TC  OFA DL831112/04

Cimarron's Reaction to Action RN TC OFA DL831112/05

Cimarron's Nightlife II  DL831112/06

Molly's Cimarron Heart UD HIC TC OFA   DL831112/07



Littermates in this Litter

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Cimarron's Cold As Ice,     Cimarron's Double Vision,     Cimarron's Reaction to Action

 R Litter Pedigree

                                                         SEL CH JETT LAND'S RAMBLER  ((1/10/85-12/13/86)
                                              CH TICKET MAN OF FRAN-JO  D-546064 GS28090G25M (10/20/86-4/23/91)
                                                         EDIE OF FRAN-JO II
                                   CH PETE OF FRAN-JO  D-785026 GS34510F59M GSEL4784 (5/15/88- )
                                                         CH JEBA'S MITCHUM
                                              CIMI OF FRAN-JO
                                                         KEILY OF FRAN-JO
                        CH PONCA HILLS JESSIE II  DL515458/04 GS44458F25M (12/15/93- )
                                                         AM/CAN CH HOHENEICHEN CONAN SURVIVAL  D718902 GS22503F24M-T (10/25/86- )
                                              CH SAXONY'S ZEPPELIN  DL367188/01 GS34907G28M (1/27/91- )
                                                         RIVADEN'S ZEENA JAE BY V J
                                   PONCA HILLS KYLIE ROM  DL455220/04 (6/1/92-)
                                                         PONCA HILLS BLASTEM  D502353 (1/1/86-)
                                              PONCA HILLS GEE GEE  D920948
                                                         PONCA HILLS BIJOU  D502354 (1/1/86-)
             CH KARIZMA'S HEARTBREAKER  DL610320/02 GS54940G40M GSEL9509 (10/6/95- )
                                                         SEL CH DOPPELT-TAY'S HAWKEYE ROM  WC978054 (9/7/74-5/ /81)
                                              AMBER'S STRIDDER OF ZARZAL
                                                         Sel Ch Amber's Lolita of Zarzal
                                   CH EEZA'S JONDALAR OF ROCK OAK  D247650 GS18546 (1/22/84- )
                                                         GV CH COBERT'S TROLLSTIGEN ROM   WE330426 GS10822
                                              EEZA'S ASTA
                                                         MEIN SCHATZ  COBERT'S MS LUV
                        KARIZMA'S MISTY  DL319983/02 GS31631G28F-T (2/18/90- )
                                                         AM/CAN SEL CH STUTTGART'S SUNDANCE KID ROM ROMC  WE676475 GS11841G H&E (2/22/80-6/21/91)
                                              CH WALTRAUT'S THAT'S BLACK-JACK  D-178491 GS18612 (11/6/83- )  
                                                         CH WALTRAUT'S  KIZZY  WE613558 GS12002
                                   PETRACCA'S COLLEEN  D-534510 GS24852G38F (8/16/86- )
                                                         ALBORADA OF ROCKLEDGE  WE969968 GS14824 (6/25/81- )
                                              PETRACCA'S MAGGIE OF TOWACO
                                                         SEL CH HY-HOPE'S BERNADETTE OF TOWACO  WE682571 GS13932 (6/20/80- )
     R LITTER  DL831112 (4/20/00)
                                                         AM/CAN SEL CH LOCHWOOD'S SUNDANCE v STUTTGART ROM WD792154 GS8328T
                                              AM/CAN SEL CH STUTTGART'S SUNDANCE KID ROM ROMC  WE676475 GS11841G H&E (2/22/80-6/21/91)
                                                         AM/CAN CH CAPRICE KITTY HAWK  WE168262 GS9939T
                                   NIKE CLAYFIELD ALL AMERICAN  D463375 GS21096G27M (12/14/85- )
                                                         CH COVY'S MAZARATI OF TUCKER HILL ROM  WE220879 GS9806 (5/2/78-)
                                              SEL CH CLAYFIELD ALWAYS A LADY ROM  WF241732 GS15927 (3/3/82-)
                                                         CLAYFIELD SMITHFIELD JORDAN ROM  WE795089 GS14278
                        COVY-TUCKER HILL'S SABER  D739805 GS25927G24M-T (4/13/88 - 10/20/96)
                                                         CH HEART BREAKER OF BOB-LYN ROM  D158686
                                              CH COVY-TUCKER HILL'S GHOSTBUSTER ROM  D299030 GS18689 (9/2/84-7/22/95)
                                                         COVY-TUCKER HILL'S SINDERELLA ROM  D252581 GS19352
                                   COVY-TUCKER HILL'S DESSA ROSE  D699946 GS21968E24F (7-25-86)
                                                         COVY-TUCKER HILL'S REMY-MARTIN  WF177086
                                              CH COVY-TUCKER HILL'S JORDACHE  D161204 GS17064 (7-11-83)
                                                         CH COVY'S ROSITA OF TUCKER HILL ROM  WD363762 GS7283
             AM/CAN CH CIMARRON'S RHIANNON CD  DL524413/01 GS45252G24F-T GSEL5658-T (4/20/94)
                                                         ZEUS OF FRAN-JO ROM  WC170280
                                              LeBARLAND'S NATHAN  WD395091 GS7442
                                                         KALEEF'S ROSA OF STERNPLATZ  WC364291
                                   BARON BACARDI 'N' KOKE  WE682853 GS14230-T H&E (5/18/80-1/29/92)
                                                         ENNO vd TEUFELSKANZEL
                                              KNOTROM'S ENKALINNE  WD529362 GS8050 (2/10/76-7/30/89)
                                                         ECH KNOTROM'S EMILE
                        VON STEFAN HAUS EDELWEISS ROM  D533990 GS19677G24F-T H&E (5/3/85-9/27/99)
                                                         SEL CH PAPPILLON OF FRAN-JO
                                              OAKBRIAR'S CAVALIER WE713375
                                                         BEL VISTA'S MEGAN OF OAKBRIAR
                                   ELKE OF LeBARLAND D177199 (8/8/83-12/27/94)
                                                         CH WARRIOR OF ELLYN HILL
                                              LeBARLAND'S SEPTEMBER WE210070
                                                         TANBARK'S ECHO LARK

Line Breeding:
AM/CAN SEL CH STUTTGART'S SUNDANCE KID ROM ROMC  WE676475 GS11841G H&E (2/22/80-6/21/91)   (5 - 4) ,     9.375%

Link to Parents:   (Click on "SIRE:" or "DAM:")

SIRE:  Ch Karizma's Heartbreaker OFA

DAM:  Am / Can Ch Cimarron's Rhiannon CD OFA

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