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09/30/2004 Steel building is ordered from Premier Steel out of Colorado.

10/07/2004 Initial ground breaking done for the drain tube.                             

01/25/2005 Building is delivered to site.                                                               

03/10/2005 Additional driveway and drive gate are installed in anticipation of construction equipment accessing building site. 

03/17/2005 Initial ground leveling done for the site.                                          

04/10/2005 Nearby pond level is lowered to help dry out building site.             

05/03/2005 Most of footer is dug (30 feet wide by 100 feet long).                        

05/04/2005 Footer digging is completed and rebar is placed in footer hole.                                   

05/05/2005 Using a concrete pumper truck, 55 yards of concrete are poured into the footer.      

05/12/2005 Concrete forms are completed.

05/19/2005 Using another concrete pumper truck, 21 yards of concrete are poured into the three foot walls.

05/23/2005 Removed concrete forms and wooden block downs from three foot concrete walls.      

05/28/2005 West end columns and girts are installed.                                                                         

06/06/2005 Ten remaining steel columns are lifted and bolted into place.                                         

06/07/2005 First row of girts are put along the columns of the south and north walls.                 

06/10/2005 Big Time Rain Delay.                                                                                                           

06/13/2005 Girts are completed around the sides of the building.                                                      

06/28/2005 First rafter set is placed on west wall.

06/29/2005 Second and third rafter sets, along with purlins are set on the next sets of  columns.

06/30/2005 Fourth set of rafters along with purlins are set on its respective columns.  The lower (false rafter) is set on the columns that transition between the taller and shorter parts of the building.  The respective long purlins are also placed and bolted.

07/08/2005 Eave struts (purlins at the eaves) are placed for the shorter part of the building.       

07/31/2005 Final two rafter sets are placed and bolted after waiting for the use of the bucket truck for some time.


08/07/2005  Eave struts are placed and bolted on taller part of the building.  Sag straps are placed under taller section's roof purlins. Insulating and placing roofing panels on the taller section is started.

08/08/2005 Insulation and roof paneling is completed on the taller section.

08/09/2005 Ridge caps are placed on the taller section's roof.

08/10/2005 Sag straps are placed on the north side of the short sections.  The short purlins are completed for the first part of the shorter section. Two cables in the taller sections roof are replaced with the correct length.  The north side of the shorter sections roof is started.

08/11/2005 Most of shorter sections northern insulation and  roof panels are installed.   

11/04/2005 Two outside slabs of concrete are poured. Another 46 yards of concrete.       

11/27/2005 Finally off of 12 hour days at work. Preparing rear wall for paneling.            


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